Stage Curtain Inquiry/Quote

Stage Curtain Inquiry/Quote
  • Manufacturer: PTS Brand
We here at Philadelphia Theatrical Supply love supplying our customers with curtains for their performance venues and we want to help you too.

Because there are so many different kinds of stage curtains from Main Drapes to Legs and there are so many different fabric choices, well trying to make an easy to navigate single item menu would make both your and our heads spin.

Instead we prefer to handle each and every curtain quote on an individual basis where we can make sure you get the correct draperies in the fabric, color, and size you need for your production/venue.

So by adding this item into your shopping cart and checking-out we will then contact you to start discussing your needs. We've added a little drop down menu of some of the basic items you might be looking for so we have a starting point, but you don't need to select any of them if you don't want to do so.

You can also always just contact us directly either by email at or by calling us at 215-627-1225x2 to inquire about stage drapery.

Also if you are relatively in the area of Philadelphia (1-1/2 hours away) we always love to come out and see your site to take measurements so that we can make sure everything will be perfect for you.
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