Professional Ben Nye Moulage Kit

Professional Ben Nye Moulage Kit
  • Item #: MK-1
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
The Master Moulage Kit contains all the makeup materials and tools needed to create hundreds of wounds. The components are packed in a heavy-duty carrying case for easy transport to training sites.

Professionally Design and Approved
EMT Trainers for the U.S.Coast Guard, U.S.Army and ER Nurses assisted in designing specialty shades and essential materials required to easily create wounds, burns, abrasions, and fractures.

Trauma Simulation Guide
Included in the kit is a detailed full-color booklet describing how to produce typical injuries such as burns, blisters, compound fractures, cyanosis, self-made wounds, lacerations, and more. Helpful tips included on setting up a casualty exercise. The guide includes techniques taught by experts including national EMT trainer, Marge Dolan of Image Perspectives in Carson City, Nevada.

Contents of Kit:

--F/X Professional Wheels--
Three Color Trauma Simulation Wheel
Four-Color Bruises Wheel
Burns and Blisters Wheel

--Creme Makeup--
Cyanotic Blue
Bright Yellow
Foundations for Fair, Olive, and Brown Skin Tones

--Modeling Waxes--
Simulated Bone

--Simulated Bloods--
Stage Blood
Blood Powder Concentrate
Thick Blood
Fresh Scab

--Moulage Essentials--
Gel Wound Kit
Liquid Latex
Castor Sealer
Charcoal Powder
Neutral Set Powder
Petroleum Jelly

--Latex Prosthetic Wounds--
Jagged Cut (x2)
Bullet Holes (x6)
Open Fracture
Torn Cheek
Avulsed Eyeball
1" Exit Wound
4" Laceration

--Adhesives and Removers--
Spirit Gum Adhesive
Bond-Off! Remover

--Professional Tools--
Trauma Simulation Guide
Wooden Modeling Tools
Sponge Applicators
Stipple Sponges
Powder Puffs
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Balls
Wooden Tongue Depressors
Spritz Bottle
and a Carrying Case.

The Moulage Kit is a special order at the present time and so please allow for 8-12 business days from placement of order to arrival of your kit.
If you need it asap please contact us either by email at or by phone at 215-627-1225 to discuss the options for getting it to you in time via expedited shipping, etc.
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